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Marketing Action Planner

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Systemise your marketing, content creation and repurposing to make promoting your online products fast and easy This is more than a diary, it is a full 52-week planning and content creation guide you can start at any time AND it keeps you on track with activities that have the most impact to boost your brand awareness and resonate with your ideal audience online. Set monthly themes, create blogs, vlogs and social media posts that captivate and engage, saving time and driving organic traffic to your listing.

Neurobranding Guidebook

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Understand how the brain 'sees' brands so you can choose the right brand name, colour scheme, tagline and packaging design for your product to stand out from the crowd. This easy to read and implement guidebook delivers everything you need to know about the science of branding and how to instantly connect with your ideal buyer, tapping into the emotional buying process, so your brand is seen and noticed. Includes in-depth colour insights and branding examples to develop your own stand out brand.

Example Brand ID

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Your brand identity needs to be concise and complete, so that any graphic designer, photographer, PPC expert or social media content creator can help you really rocket launch your online brand and business. 
Nick shares his Back 2 Basics Brand ID so you can use this as an example for your designer to create a brand identity for you. Includes images, content and guides so you can develop your own Brand ID easily.

Personal Communications Style Guide
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What if you could get inside the mind of your ideal customer, and set up your listing so it instantly connects and engages with them? What if your social media, website and marketing totally resonated with customers because you were giving them exactly what they wanted to se and know? This guidebook and online quiz will help you discover the 4 personal communication styles and how to use them to make more sales.


BrandCrafting Swag Bag!
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