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Brand True North

What exactly is a brand and how do you create one? Lauren & Nick explain how your brand is your 'compass' keeping you on track with your marketing and making you stand out online.
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Choosing A Brand Name

One of the trickiest brand actions is choosing a name, Lauren & Nick make it easy, with Neurobranding insight and examples to help you choose yours.
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Brand Purpose

Knowing what your brand is all about makes it easy to create consistent messaging, including your images, listing, packaging and how you promote and market your products...
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Target Avatar

Lauren & Nick from brandCrafting explain exactly what a target avatar is and how to create one and use it to drive traffic to your sales page and convert visitors into sales.
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Brand Objective

Lauren & Nick from brandCrafting sgare how you can make better, faster decisions about your online business, using a simple process to define your brand personality, helping you know exactly what your brand would and wouldn't do...
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USP - Unique Selling Proposition

Lauren & Nick from brandCrafting help you discover your brands unique selling proposition, and how your brand can stand out from a sea of compeitiors online
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Desired Response

How do you want your brand to make people feel? What do you want them to do as a result of engaging with your brand and products? What does your brand stand for and how can you change behaviours and attitudes? What is your ideal customers WIIFM and how can you stand out from the competition by standing for something?
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You've made lots of brand promises, now how can you deliver on them? It's vital that whatever your brand stands for, the core values it has, are reflected in the way your brand conducts itself. Now is the time to find all the many ways you can support your brnds core message in everything you deliver.
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What colours should your brand be? What sort of font should you use? What icon or image should your brand have? We briefly dig into the human brain and the science of neurobranding to help make choosing the right design of your brand identity, easy and effective.
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Briefing Your Designer

What does your designer need to know? How to choose the right one? Insight and tips from The Adman Rob Stephenson who shares his decades of knoweldge in the branding industry.
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Your Online Presence

Do you need a website if you are selling on Amazon? What sort of website should you ahve? How do you drive traffic to your selling site? What sort of platforms shoudl I use? Find out this and more in this indepth session with Nik Cree, online specialist at
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eCommerce Trends

eCommerce expert Olivia Jenkins shares her insight and knowledge into what people are doing wroing online and the upcoming trends to stay ahead of if you want to have a successful digital business selling products online.